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Our server maintenance services also include pre-emptive measures to keep the system safe before anything goes wrong. This also prepares the server for an emergency.Server maintenance involves creating and following MAINTENANCE PLANS which cover both virtual and physical servers. We offer both on-site and off-site maintenance and repairs in our equipped workshop. Our company is fully equipped and certified to handle any server related issues and provide IT Support for SOHO (small home offices), SMBs and corporates. We will convey maintenance related information to the clients in simple language. Our working hours are flexible to be able to work around your lifestyle and business activity.

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Server Maintenance & 24/7 Server Support FAQs

Server maintenance is the process of keeping your company’s intranet running as smoothly as possible while keeping it up to date. Regular server maintenance is essential because it is a preventative measure, preempting data loss and partial or total network downtime.

Regular server maintenance eliminates all worry related to your business’s infrastructure and provides clear, direct solutions for potential server emergencies. Setup4 creates and maintains a safety net for all possible outcomes, thanks to your curated maintenance plan and our system of preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Plans

Our team will create and administer curated maintenance plans covering both on-site and online servers. These plans ensure minimal interference and downtime so your business can function as effectively as possible. Setup4’s extensive work covers everything from server upgrades and restorations to NAS Support and Supply.

24/7 Monitoring

Let us know when you need us, and we’ll be there. Setup4’s sever maintenance team can work around the clock (and your schedule) to guarantee smooth functioning. We provide on- and off-site maintenance and repairs, with a fully-equipped workshop alongside certified technicians to ensure complete IT support. Our 24/7 server support is available remotely.

Server Migration

If you’re in the process of migrating your servers, Setup4 can promise a seamless transition. Our team of certified professionals will have you up and running in no time, with no hiccups or prolonged interruptions.

Website Maintenance

Refresh your content or design with our specialised website maintenance, designed to support and elevate your business. We can tackle all the details without bogging you down in new software.

Setup4’s well-trained team has a keen eye for carrying out your server support and maintenance. 24/7 server support includes proactive maintenance, data restoration, advanced server security, data backups, and server monitoring.

Yes, you can. Talk to our specialists at Setup4 for a curated experience when crafting your maintenance plan. We want to know how best to care for your server, both virtually and physically.

The consequences of neglecting server maintenance are dire. If your servers happen to crash or go offline, business productivity plummets – you can lose out on customers, lose data, miss deadlines, fail to communicate in and outside your network, and derail workflows.


Additionally, servers are one of the main avenues for maintaining your cyber security. Regular server maintenance also includes security and firewall updates and patches. These, in turn, prevent viruses, malware and other threats to your business. 


Finally, server maintenance helps with traffic. Optimised servers perform better and can handle more users and engagement than ones that are behind on their housekeeping. It will improve your business’s productivity and output, subsequently improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Yes, maintenance is necessary for businesses of all sizes. It acts as the foundation for your organisation and will be treated as such by Setup4.

If you’re ready to take a step forward with your server maintenance, get in touch today for a no-obligation, free consultation. Setup4 is ready to help you set up for success.

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