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website maintenance services

Convenient and flexible website maintenance services for businesses on the go!

Setup4 is a complete website maintenance service for a business with an existing website.

Unlimited content updates and hosting are included. No need to learn complex content management systems (CMS), no software to purchase or hire an In house developer.

Simply email the changes to us and they’ll be implemented within 24 hours – often sooner! And you can use the update service as often as you like.

Website Maintenance & Support

Our website Maintenance and website support services can provide you with ongoing, reliable and affordable website solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Whether you’re a small, home-based business or a larger, corporate or government organisation, we can respond to your requirements and support your needs.


Regular Maintenance

Your website is a precious resource. Maintenance can be used for simple website updates such as changing text or images, right up to more comprehensive website maintenance such as new pages.

Website Security

Website security is a critical part of owning a website. We can help protect your customers' data with SSL certificates, and also keep your website more secure with regular backups, malware scans and more.

Website Support

We love providing website maintenance services and we'll try our best to help with anything else too. Our competitive website maintenance pricing includes generous discounts for large monthly work volumes.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress website maintenance and support is our speciality, so if you need assistance with installations, updates or plugins, or if you need us to fix or add any functionality on your website, we can help.

Website Health Check

A website health check helps to protect your website from vulnerabilities by performing regular checks for malware, updating and resolving errors to help keep your website strong, fast and secure.

Website Management

Website management means we take care of all your website's services, like website hosting and domain names. No more calling two or three companies and getting the run around when something goes wrong.

We take care of Everything

We are a technical IT company. Our aim is to make sure every one of our clients and their individual websites are well protected and is up to date at all times.

Our offering is unique. we manage all types of CMS websites and provide the best possible service to your website.

Think of us as your in-house tech team. We are constantly monitoring your site and keeping it up to date. Our pricing’s are incredibly a good value.

Website Maintenance Services FAQs

Website maintenance services extend to a range of tasks that are designed to make sure that a website operates smoothly, remains secure, and is continuously optimised. 

With a long list of tasks to keep track of, many businesses struggle to maintain their websites effectively. That’s where Setup4 can help. With our experience in designing and hosting websites, we know how to maintain your company’s website to increase the user experience and build sales performance.

At Setup4, we offer a wide variety of website maintenance services and to support your online business. Here’s how we can help your online business’s platform flourish: 

Regular Website Maintenance

Maintenance is more than simple website updates, it’s also about managing security, changing content and performing regular website health checks. 

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress website maintenance and support is our specialty and a unique service we provide for our customers. We can support your business with installations, updates or plugins specific to WordPress. 

Website Security

Website security is a critical part of owning a website, especially if you operate an eCommerce site. It is required by Australian law to protect your customer’s data and personal information when they use your site. 

Website Health Check

A website health check protects your website by exposing any gaps in its security or operating processes. It also works to keep your website page speed running fast for all users.

A number of things can negatively impact your business if you don’t maintain your website: 

Security Vulnerabilities

Outdated software, plugins, and themes can have security flaws, making your site more susceptible to hacking attempts, malware and other phishing activities.

Loss of Data

Without regular backups, you risk losing all your data in case of server failures, hacks, or other unforeseen issues.

Increased Recovery Costs

Fixing a broken or hacked website can be much more costly and time-consuming than maintaining it regularly.

Now that you know the dangers of a lack of website maintenance, here are some of the benefits that Setup4 can provide: 


One of the primary reasons for regular maintenance is to ensure your website remains secure. Keeping software, plugins, and themes updated reduces the risk of vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. The security solutions that we at Setup4 provide can be essential to complying with Australian consumer data laws

Regular Backups

With a maintenance service, regular backups of your site are typically performed, ensuring that in the event of a crisis, your website can be quickly restored.


Regularly optimising the website’s database, cleaning up old files, and updating scripts ensures that your website loads quickly and runs smoothly.

The cost of website maintenance services can vary widely based on several factors. Here are some of the primary elements that influence the pricing. 

Website Size and Complexity

A simple blog will generally cost less to maintain than a complex e-commerce site or a website with multiple integrations and functionalities.


Some maintenance packages might include web hosting, while others don’t. Premium hosting solutions, dedicated servers, or cloud hosting can also affect the cost.

Backup and Recovery

The frequency and type of backups (daily, real-time, off-site) can influence the overall costs.

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