Microsoft Sharepoint

Improve the levels of productivity

and office efficiency in your business

Setup4 builds and maintains business productivity solutions using the capabilities of SharePoint to increase efficiency and streamline your routine operations.


Unleash the Power of Teamwork with an Intranet Portal Tailored by Microsoft partners

We as an Microsoft Sharepoint Consultants guide you throughout the entire process of migration to your organisation.

We believe collaboration and teamwork are important aspects for any organisation’s success.

Technology changed, business workspaces changing everyday and working from home has increased more than ever, so organisations want to equip their employees an amicable experience while ensuring security of the data being shared or edited.

SharePoint helps you organise and share important documents in a secure, structured manner from virtually any device. It can be used by organisations of any size, so you know it will scale with your operations protecting your investment.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best tools that enables businesses to uplift their complex workflows into simple routine tasks and achieve much more.

Designed to anyone to administrate, update, and change it, with an appropriate level of training.

More than 200,000 organisations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management.”

As with any new technology, there will be a learning curve for staff. Training them on the best practices of SharePoint and how to use it will help with the transition and Yes we can help you all the way!

Talk to us today and ask us how we can help your organisation.


Build a Secured, Modern Workplace Straight from Microsoft Consultants

Setup4 has been supporting and customising SharePoint solutions for our customers for over 10 years. We can support or upgrade the following versions:

  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2016

We can help you migrate to online environment.

If you don’t know what SharePoint version you’re using, here’s how to find out.

We make it easy and fast for your team to access important documents and collaborate, so they can best help your customers.

What we offer

We are a Microsoft partner and reliable IT consultants who specialise in designing and developing SharePoint solutions to any businesses.

Smooth Migration & Updates

We enable you to migrate from any third-party intranet to SharePoint or migrate from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint online solution.


Support and Maintenance

We enable you to migrate from any third-party intranet to SharePoint or migrate from SharePoint on-premise to online solution.


Customised Intranet portal

Inform and engage your organisation with Intranet insights to tell your story, announce your news, share resources, streamline processes and engage people.

Team Sites

Provide a place for your team to organise and collaborate on content data and news to stay on the same page.

Communication Sites

Broadly share and communicate your group’s messages across the organisation with dynamic communication sites

DLP Capabilities

Use advanced data loss prevention (DLP) to identify, monitor and protect sensitive information.

File Storage

Store your data online securely.


Find Content in electronic format for litigation or audit scenarios. 

Automate Work

Automate business processes with alerts and workflows.

In-Place Hold

Use in-place hold to programmatically prevent content deletion or editing.

External Sharing

securely share files and content with people inside and outside your organisation.


Customise your enterprise search and results with enhanced features to surface resources across Office 365.

Mobile Apps

Access Intranet team sites and content with SharePoint mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows. OneDrive mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows.

Content Management

Organise and manage content in libraries and list it today to record management and retention policies.

We can help you automate complex workflows

SharePoint can provide controls around complex and difficult to follow workflows. Setup4 can help find the right balance for your organisation.

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Microsoft SharePoint Setup & Management FAQs

Microsoft Sharepoint is a cloud-based software that condenses complicated or lengthy workflows into clear, routine tasks. Setup4 emphasises productivity and simplicity, and Microsoft SharePoint facilitates this by being a comprehensive workflow management tool.

Setup4 has been helping to implement Microsoft SharePoint for over a decade. We can support or upgrade several versions, with direct funnelling of data into Microsoft PowerApps. Our services include:


We will enable your migration from any platform to SharePoint or Sharepoint online solution, alongside consistent support and maintenance.


Whether it’s automating processes for your business or breaking down complex tasks into manageable components, Microsoft SharePoint excels in creating a seamless workflow.

Team Sites

Create and maintain spaces for your team to organise and collaborate, as well as keep up to date on all company news across the board.


Tailor the way your intranet portals are set up and designed. Tasks will be streamlined, company news will be shared, and your network will communicate exactly as you want it to.


Setup4 will ensure advanced data loss prevention (DLP) while identifying, monitoring and protecting classified material.

Storage & Management

Everything will be stored and managed online, secure and easily accessible to you and your team members – as well as to whomever you’d like to share it with outside your organisation safely. This content will be a cinch to find in electronic format for audit, litigation or any other reason. As an added benefit, in-place hold can prevent unwanted content deletion or editing.


Step into a world of convenience with Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive’s mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Peruse, share and manage content and your organisation’s intranet from the comfort of your phone, anywhere at any time.

Businesses rely on two fundamental pillars: collaboration and communication. Microsoft SharePoint can serve as the foundation for this.

It helps to organise and share information, consolidate workflows, and set up important structures within your business. It’s designed for anyone to administrate, update and change, with Setup4 with you every step of the way.

We can definitely help you migrate existing data to Microsoft SharePoint. Setup4 has been doing so for over a decade, whether from third-party intranets or shifting SharePoint on-site to online.

Yes! Microsoft SharePoint’s customisability makes it a tool that fits all businesses, large and small. You choose what workflows to automate, what storage and management options are important to you, and more. Setup4 will help you to streamline this process, adjusting SharePoint’s tools as your business changes.

Are you ready to wrangle your workflows into place? Contact Setup4 today to get started with setting up Microsoft SharePoint. Our certified engineers are here to give you expert advice and a tailored solution for your business.

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