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We develop below cost effective low-code solutions using Microsoft Power Platform

Power Apps

With Power Apps, you can build low-code and no-code mobile and desktop apps. Line of Business (LOB) processes and solutions can be automated for a low cost.
We also assist you in making the most of your Office 365, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365 investments by ensuring that data and existing processes are seamlessly integrated and harnessed.

Power Virtual Agents

With no-code, driven processes, we assist you in implementing efficient bots. We can use custom and out-of-the-box connectors to connect your virtual agent to external and internal apps.
When necessary, we can build Smart bots with the built-in AI capabilities of Power Apps to provide the intelligence you've always wanted in virtual bots.

Power Apps Portals

With Power Apps Portals that we create for you, can connect with your customers and partners. With the help of Power Apps portals, you can build sensitive websites and portals.
We also make user access more convenient by allowing users to log in using commercial authentication providers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and others.

Power Automate

We assist you in increasing the organisation's productivity by automating time-consuming and inefficient activities and processes.
We create stable workflows in a low-code/no-code environment so you can concentrate on what matters. RPA adds a robotics flavour, allowing you to experience the magic of automated process executions.

Low-code and fast delivery

Our Power Apps solutions make you get most out of your Microsoft Azure and Office365 investment. Whether it’s a small canvas based app that’s built on an Excel sheet or a model driven app connecting data and functionality of multiple databases and solutions, we make it easy for you.

Unify your platform and data across Azure, SharePoint Online, and Dynamics 365 using Power Apps with us. 


Microsoft Power Apps uses low code app development platform that enables developers to create flexible and powerful apps. Designing Custom apps with 20x faster and without sacrificing quality.

We’ve been using Microsoft products and services for over a decade, and we’ve taken advantage of its low-code app development capabilities to design and develop apps for our clients.

We serve every niche market and develop innovative custom apps that minimise operational losses, enhance efficiency and streamlines the workflow.

Setup4 provides businesses with custom made Microsoft Power Apps solutions that provide a 365 percent in ROI saving over 70 percent of development time.

We are constantly developing new low-code business apps that promote business process automation, workflow management, reporting and data management, marketing, and many more.


PowerApps development is future, it is a free and open source. Our PowerApps development team are experienced and innovative and provide you an app which is reliable, fast and has flexible UI.

Our PowerApps Screens

Microsoft PowerApps Development FAQs

Microsoft PowerApps is a must-have suite of Microsoft products to help both developers and non-technical users create and maintain custom applications for any business. It uses low-code and no-code app development platforms, which speed up design and development by up to twenty times. The accessibility behind PowerApps allows the app-building experience to extend to everyone, so you can create whatever you need – from simple apps to more involved, feature-heavy apps.


Build relevant low-code or no-code apps with Setup4. We can help you automate Line of Business (LOB) processes and solutions for a lower cost, heightening efficiency and productivity.

PowerApps Portals

Connect with customers, partners and colleagues alike, thanks to PowerApps Portals. Setup4 can create relevant websites and portals to make communication easier and faster. For an added layer of utility, our team can design apps that allow users to log in using commercial authentication providers, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Power Virtual Agents

Whether it’s customised or traditional online agents, our no-code processes will help you to roll out virtual agents to assist users in both internal and external apps. Setup4 can even build Smart Bots with the built-in AI capabilities of PowerApps, giving your app more well-rounded intelligence and usability.

Power Automate

Let us streamline your organisation’s productivity. Setup4 will condense and automate your workflow through low-code or no-code processes, allowing you and your team to focus on the core of your business. Robot Process Automation (RPA) is today’s way of approaching workflow automation and stabilisation, cutting away inefficiencies.

Setup4 relies on Microsoft PowerApps development to deliver a sense of cohesion in all projects. It guarantees that you are getting the most your business possibly can out of Microsoft’s suite, including Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Apps come in various sizes and uses, whether for automating tasks or acting as a virtual agent for employees. Setup4 is dedicated to simplifying your business processes while maximising productivity, and Microsoft PowerApps is an essential facet of this.

Yes, Setup4 is well-versed in creating apps specific to organisations. Our trained professionals use their in-depth analysis of your practices, alongside your feedback, to develop apps that will benefit you best.

Not at all. Microsoft PowerApps is designed to be no-code or low-code. This means that it utilises data already available in the Microsoft Dataverse or on-site data sources (such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and so on) to build custom business apps quickly.

Yes! This is the premise behind Microsoft PowerApps. Setup4 facilitates this by helping to foster rich business logic and workflow. These turn otherwise manual tasks and information into digital, automated operations.

Microsoft PowerApps is part of the corporate world’s future. It is open source and available on low-cost plans. there is so much to learn and explore with it – and Setup4’s PowerApps development team is here to help. Reach out to our team for more information.

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