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Talk directly to our friendly IT technicians and experts at Setup4 that are ready to help immediately. Thanks to the high speed internet, we will remotely access your device and able to perform a  diagnose and spot your problem. 

Resolving your device issues remotely allows for minimal computer repair time and lets you get back to work very soon.

Our Remote IT Support Technicians Are Experts

Setup4 technicians are experts and are well equipped to resolve any computer related problems that you may be experiencing.

Whatever the reason, our remote experts can help you in having software configured, virus problems, figuring out why your computer is running SLOW, and even in configuring your new PC.

Call us and you’ll be surprised how helpful we can be!

Remote IT Support is Cost Effective

For those who are not very familiar with remote support, you can watch our experts fix your issues while you get a cup of coffee. Not every issue can be fixed remotely, like hardware for example, but remote diagnosis can save you and your company time and money that is well spent somewhere.

Onsite and Travel costs can be minimised by contacting us with your issue and request remote support – we guarantee you will love the money and time you save with us!

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Remote IT Support FAQs

Who is Our Remote IT Support For?

Our remote support is available to businesses throughout Australia. While we’re based in Melbourne, we can easily provide remote support to businesses nationwide. 

While any business can engage in remote IT support, small-to-medium businesses are particularly well-suited to remote solutions. 

SMBs tend to have less complex IT networks, use third-party platforms (e.g. Shopify, Google Workspace, etc.) rather than proprietary hardware or software, and can often facilitate more remote work options for their employees.

This mixture of factors means that SMBs often need support for the software they use and to enhance security for their remote and/or hybrid workers.

As Remote IT support focuses in part on software and protecting individuals’ devices, you’ll find it’s an ideal option for your small or medium-sized business.

What are the Benefits of Having IT Problems Solved Remotely?

There are many benefits to having remote IT support, but the top among them is that remote support is efficient and cost-effective.

Rather than having to wait for an IT support professional to come to your business to address software issues or update your devices, all of these can be handled more efficiently through remote access.

By using programs that allow remote access to other PCs and devices, an IT professional can jump on straight away and start working on solutions. Your business can continue to focus on its day-to-day operations with minimal disruption. 

Operational downtime is reduced as there’s no waiting around for an IT support expert to arrive at your place of business.

How Do You Provide Support?

Remote support is made possible through software that enables one computer to access and operate another computer or device for IT support.

Our remote support software allows us to:


  • Provide detailed session reports
  • Remotely complete various administrative tasks
  • Gain full unattended and attended remote access and control of desktops, servers, and laptops
  • Access an internal network via the internet


Through these capabilities, we can provide timely and efficient support to businesses throughout Australia. Our remote IT support comes in two forms:

Attended Remote Support

Refers to any remote support you request during work hours – you make the request and a member of our IT support team jumps on immediately to resolve the issues.

Unattended Remote Support

This is support where our IT technicians can remotely access the end-user’s devices and servers without the client needing to be present. This is beneficial as IT support can perform routine maintenance, updates, and other non-urgent tasks without needing anyone around.

What is the Normal Turnaround Time?

The turnaround time for remote IT support varies on a case-by-case basis. Our remote support team can almost immediately respond to any remote support request made during business hours, and we aim to resolve most issues same day.

If the IT issue affecting your business is more complex or involved, we may need two or more days to completely resolve the issue. Regardless, we readily provide updates to our remote support clients to keep them appraised of the overall progress.

How Much Does Our Remote IT Support Cost?

The costs associated with remote IT support will depend on the specific support you are seeking and how much time is required to resolve the related issues.


Overall, however, remote IT support is the most cost-effective option available. This is because everything can be handled from a remote location and there is very little downtime between requests for support and receiving it.

Most importantly, because IT professionals do not have to account for travel costs to and from your place of business, those savings are reflected in the pricing.

If you want to enquire about our remote support services and the associated costs of different requests, get in touch with us today.

What Type of IT Services Can We Provide Remotely?

Remote support has evolved substantially over the past decade, which means a majority of IT-related issues can be resolved without ever having to set foot in your business.

Remote IT services include:

  • Setting up printers and emails
  • Configuring PCs and installing specific programs and features
  • Optimising device speeds
  • Monitoring and removing viruses, malware, and other malicious software
  • Updating device security and resetting wifi passwords
  • Blocking malicious websites
  • Resolving network speed issues


For many businesses, especially SMBs, you’ll find that most IT problems are software or server software related, and remote support is the perfect option for these.

The main situation where you’ll require comprehensive onsite IT support is if you encounter hardware-related issues. This could include computers or mobile devices with deteriorated components or the actual hardware that’s used for servers to operate. Server hardware is akin to high-performance PCs.

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