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We offer end-to end Managed IT services to keep your business efficient

Your complete IT department, responsible for all day-to-day support, maintenance, strategy and solutions across the entire ICT environment.

At Setup4, we prioritise your data and network security. From cyber security to support on-call, we have an array of services available for all sizes of business.

In your day-to-day business, it can be difficult to identify an underperforming system on-site or in the Cloud. Issues such as overloaded servers, outdated or faulty hardware, unsecured firewalls and data can make your business vulnerable to system downtime, security breaches, or loss of data.

You need a team of expert-managed IT service providers to monitor your IT environment 24/7 and identify the issues and solve them before they could do any damage to your business.

Setup4 provides total IT support solutions to maintain your infrastructure and keep your business running efficiently.

1. What Is Managed IT?

We Take Care of Your Managed IT


Managed IT is the ongoing management and support provided by a specialised IT service provider. These managed IT service providers are third-party service providers who offer delivery and management of internal IT services for businesses, institutions and enterprises. The service provider might specialise in certain areas and processes, such as finance or small businesses, or they may offer complete end-to-end solutions.


Managed IT services are different to traditional department outsourcing arrangements, which  focus on providing outsourced IT staff who can react when your business has an IT problem. A managed service will work to provide you with IT services consistent with a service level agreement, for a fixed, flat fee.


A managed IT service is like having your own IT director with an entire IT department at their disposal. They’ll oversee your day-to-day IT operations, and take proactive steps to manage the department in line with your business needs and goals. They can offer you specialised IT services that might normally be outside of your budget, at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT team.


With the growth of cloud-based services and technology, and work from home, the need for managed IT services has grown into a global industry. Whether you’re looking for managed IT services in Melbourne or looking for service providers to support your large, global organisation, there are managed services that offer a huge range of solutions and services.

2. What Is The Difference Between Managed IT Services & Outsourcing?

Personalised IT management that supports your business goals


Service providers will develop an understanding of your business needs and goals, and agree to provide you with individualised and goal-directed IT services and management.

In addition to providing around-the-clock IT support, managed IT services will look for ways to improve your existing IT infrastructure and processes and implement solutions that improve the efficiency and operation of your IT department.

They do this by providing a range of services and solutions, such as

  • Centralised, cloud-based IT service and support
  • Overseeing the smooth delivery of your internal IT operations
  • Ongoing evaluation and optimisation of existing hardware, software and processes
  • Ensuring your IT department meets its risk and cybersecurity requirements
  • Timely troubleshooting and repairs


Controlled and predictable IT costs


Managed IT services have low entry costs and steady monthly payments for their services. When you use managed IT services, they are responsible for keeping your IT department running smoothly and within budget, whilst also being strategic and proactive to avoid IT issues in the future.

Just like every in-house department within your business, you are able to set specific targets and goals for your managed IT services, which they are responsible for achieving. Managed services are able to offer all this, for a predictable monthly cost.




As your business grows, managed services are able to scale with you. Scalability means that you can easily increase or decrease your managed services when you need to, helping you to control costs and better allocate your resources during lean times.

3. What Are The Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Managed IT vs Traditional Outsourcing


To understand what a managed IT service can do for you and your business, it’s essential to know how managed services are different from traditional outsourcing.


Traditional outsourcing


Traditional Outsourced services usually offer like-for-like replacement of your existing IT department for a lower cost than an in-house IT team. They typically provide reactive services (for example, providing support when software crashes), and charge for their services on a per-transaction basis.


Managed IT services


Managed IT service providers are able to offer IT service, maintenance, leadership and solutions at a cost that can be significantly less expensive than in-house IT departments.

Managed services differ from traditional outsourcing. Rather than taking your existing IT team and replacing them with cheaper equivalents, a managed IT service will analyse your existing IT equipment and systems, and look for ways to improve and optimise your existing IT infrastructure.

A managed IT service provider will charge for a particular outcome – usually, a consistent service level agreed to by you and the service provider.  The cost for managed services is usually provided on an ongoing, subscription basis. This benefits your bottom line by providing your business with consistent IT service and support at a consistent cost.

We Provide Managed IT Audits for Your Business

Managed IT audits are a crucial service offered by Setup4, designed to assess and analyse your business’s IT infrastructure thoroughly. This process involves a meticulous examination of your systems, networks, security protocols, and overall IT management practices. The goal is to identify any vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, or areas for improvement. 

Setup4’s approach to managed IT audits is unique in its thoroughness and impact. We don’t just perform a surface-level review; our experts delve deep into your systems, using advanced tools and methodologies to provide a comprehensive analysis. This includes evaluating your cybersecurity measures, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and analysing your IT performance metrics.

The outcome of our audit is a detailed report that not only highlights areas of concern but also offers actionable recommendations for improvement. This approach helps businesses streamline their IT operations, enhance security, and optimise performance. With Setup4’s managed IT audits, you gain the insight needed to make informed decisions, ensuring your IT infrastructure supports and drives your business objectives effectively.

For businesses looking to ensure their IT systems are efficient, secure, and aligned with their strategic goals, Setup4 offers just the services. Contact us to schedule your managed IT audit and take the first step towards optimising your business’s technological capabilities.

Our Managed IT Support Maintains Your IT Infrastructure

Adopting 24/7 Managed IT Monitoring offers several advantages for businesses, though its necessity varies depending on the nature and scale of the business. Here are the key pros of having 24/7 IT support.

Why Choose Setup4 for Managed IT Support?

Some of our best features which set Setup4 apart from our industry competitors include:


We are committed in developing and providing fully managed IT solutions to your business.

We are always here for all your IT needs. 

24/7 Service

Whenever you hit a roadblock, need advice or just need to troubleshoot your IT issues our team of experts will be there to get you up and running ASAP.

Certified IT

Our team of experts are highly trained to remain up to date with the latest tech trends, ensuring high level of security to your business and mitigate all threats. 

Melbourne Based

We are here always with you, most of IT providers outsource their work overseas, thus compromised quality control. We will provide you the full suite of managed IT services.

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